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Body Butter

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A rich and creamy butter that leaves skin soft and smooth. Made with skin-nourishing ingredients to leave skin moisturized and protected. No more harsh chemicals and no more ash!

Our butter can also be used on hair to help seal in moisture.

We offer different scent as well as a sensitive skin option.

During summer and warmer months butters may soften or melt. Don't worry, a melted butter is not a bad product! If you receive your butters melted just place them in fridge or freezer until solid.

Our butters are 100% natural and we do not use synthetic ingredients to keep butters from melting or becoming grainy. Butters may become grainy during warmer months. This happens because the butter melts and then becomes solid. Some molecules in the butter cool off or become solid faster than the others. This is what creates that grainy feel. If this happens, melt the butter completely and blast chill (place in fridge or freezer) until solid.