LURE Market Re-Opens October 1st

LURE Market Re-Opens October 1st

LURE Market is open to brands that are retail ready looking to gain exposure with a larger audience in the mall space. It brings local and our neighborhood fav brands to the forefront of your shopping experience.

When you shop the market you are supporting a small business and business owner.

What is retail ready? You have the knowledge and experience of running a business. You're familiar with sales, branding, market reach, merchandising, tagging, product placement, etc.

What we've learned over the last few months is a lot of boutique owners/small business owners aren't as market ready as they think. Nothing is wrong with that but selling products is just one part of running a successful business.  

If you think you are market ready and you have what it takes our market inquiry forms can be submitted for when our Market reopens in October and if accepted you will be sent an application. 

We do not hold your hand if you're ready you're ready. 

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    Jada N Steele: September 19, 2021

    Hello my name is Jada, I make handmade body jewelry from Czech glass seed beads which is stainable. Made for everyone of every size and chained body jewelry which is in Gold, Brass, Sterling silver, aluminum and iron. My jewelry has a nostalgic galactic feel to it while still honoring ancestral rooted tradition of waist beads. I started making jewelry because I am a heavy believer in African spirituality so in a way to pay homage to my roots I made them for everyone of every size who would like to do the same.

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