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LURE Boutique started as a dream in a front cubicle at the owner’s full time job 2012! After a year of research LURE was finally launched May 2013 by filing for Sales Licenses, Business Certificates and Tax ID’S. It wasn’t until April 2014 it was incorporated and another business license was granted with the City of Chicago and State of Illinois.

Lure started as an online shoe and accessories store. The owner who’s a shoe fanatic and had memberships with just about every shoe company sought out for a very different look and couldn’t find it. She noticed that most stores would shy away from the “funky shoes”, the “eye catchers” so that’s what she went for to solve the problem. She knew there was a niche that needed to be filled and Lure Boutique was born.

The upscale fashionable boutique which has been located in some of the best shopping areas in Chicago: Beverly, the Chatham Business District, Old Orchard Mall next to stores such as Nordstrom’s, J. Crew, Tiffany & Co and Tesla, and also in Wicker Park. Our new location is Yorktown Shopping Center located in Lombard’s mall.

We believe in styling the individual woman and given her, her own identity through fashion since no two people are the same. We’ve learned a lot of women are self-conscious of something on their body, but we’ve always had a way of encouraging them to love themselves and make fashion their own.

We've had the honor of styling celebrities such as T’Keyah Crystal Keymah (That’s So Raven, Cosby, In Living Color, Teen Titans, etc) MTV’s Bad Girls Club Tiffany, Def Jams Rapper Shawna, Social Media Influencer Ayona, Carmel Curves Motorcycle Club of New Orleans, the first ladies of some of Chicago’s most affluent flocks, Clergy, we’ve done celebrity pulls, styled choirs, styled women groups, and of course our favorite the individual women that flood LURE’s doors. We believe in pulling out the red carpet each time the door swings open.

We stock limited quantities purposely and we rarely restock to ensure that each client has their own identity through fashion. Shop LURE today for an experience like no other. We aim to please but we understand everyone can't be pleased.

We also offer GROUP discounts for choirs and organizations shopping for the same item with 10 or more people. Give us your budget for styling your group and we'll show you looks within your budget.

We are available for vending events, fashion shows, expos, etc…

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