Fashion & Google

Fashion & Google

Today our owner sent us a photo of her at Google headquarters in Chicago where she attended an invitation only invite to a Executive Market Forum with this infamous quote as her caption, “The future  belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” Eleanor Roosevelt

This photo meant everything to her and us because she’s known to speak her future and it happens. She said a year ago she’d be inside of the Google building one day but she didn’t know for what. She’s just an ordinary woman that grew up with even bigger dreams for herself and others and she truly believes in speaking positivity into her future and it becomes her. 

We admire her for her hard work and given us an opportunity to grow our passions while boosting LURE. Her leadership style is leading from the front instead of lashing a whip from the back. We’re so proud of who and what she’s become and we’re even prouder to work along side her. 

Go Boss lady!!! 




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